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Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal’s choir program gets helping hand from Quebec


Full article available here.

Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal’s choir program gets helping hand from Quebec


Full article available here.


June 25 - June 29, 2020

Next congress

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Pueri Cantores Meritas

September 14th, 2019

Next board meeting


25 au 29 juin 2020

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Méritas Pueri Cantores


3 octobre 2020

Prochaine AGA
Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal’s choir program gets helping hand from Quebec


Full article available here.

Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal’s choir program gets helping hand from Quebec


Full article available here.

Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal’s choir program gets helping hand from Quebec


Full article available here.

Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal’s choir program gets helping hand from Quebec


Full article available here.

Passionate singers


Six awards were presented in 2018-19 to celebrate the exceptional commitment of Pueri Cantores members. Consult the list of winners here.

Have a great summer!


Every member of Pueri Cantores Canada wishes you a wonderful summer break with lots of sun and music!



“If Minister Roberge does not intervene immediately it will be the end of the Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal. We ask that he act as quickly as possible to preserve this unique institution in Quebec. All that is required is a direct subsidy by the Ministry of Education at no additional cost for the taxpayer. If the minister refuses to intervene, we ask that a reasonable grace period be provided so that we may find a viable solution to keep this unique institution alive”

To sign the petition: https://bit.ly/2XvkhPM

Training program in vocal technique 2019


Alliance chorale du Québec offers a summer training specially designed for choristers who wish to perfect their vocal technique. For more information: https://www.chorales.ca/technique-vocale-2019.html

A representation tour in Alberta


In order of developping  the Pueri Cantores Canada, our president, Mrs. Louise Marie Desbiens, has made a tour in western Canada to share the mission of the Pueri Cantores. Received warmly by various actors from the cultural community, school or diocese, she gives us a brief summary of his meetings with the help of this small photo album.

Best wishes!


The entire team of the Canadian Federation of Pueri Cantores Canada wishes you Happy Holidays.Peace, happiness and a lot of music!

Benfit concert of the Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal on December 9th


Well-known composer, conductor, pianist and pedagogue, Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) is also famous for his choral pieces. Under the direction of Andrew Gray, the Little Singers of Mount Royal will offer, among others, the Chichester Psalms, a work in Hebrew created in 1965. The program will be complemented by pieces from the Welsh Karl Jenkins, the most sung composer of the great British composer Benjamin Britten, contemporary of Bernstein, as well as pieces by Eriks Esenvalds and John Rutter.

To view the event: l'événement: https://www.facebook.com/events/1362689110533213/  


A crowdfunding campaign for the Petits Chanteurs de Beauport

The Petit Chanteurs choir in Beauport is preparing the recording of their third album entitled "Sing Christmas with the Angels". Its influence will make known the new Christmas repertoire. It will be used to blackmail children in families and schools. Thus we hope to multiply the happiness of singing wherever singing can bring a grain of cheerfulness and comfort.
To achieve this major project, we need you! By following this link https://laruchequebec.com/projet/chante-noel-avec-les-anges-5110/ you will be able to contribute to the financing of this wonderful project and obtain magnificent counterparts! Our goal is to raise $ 6,000 in 60 days to be able to record our album.
Visit our Hive Project & contribute. You will find all the details of the project and the rewards offered!

Marcel Allaire receives the Mgr Thompson Award


The federation recognizes the immense contribution of Mr. Marcel Allaire to the blooming of the federation. To see the complete news, click here.

"Happy Birthday, Monsieur Vigneault!": A concert of the Choral Alliance presenting the arrangements of Bishop Thompson


The Quebec Choral Alliance presented at its Great Choral Rally in August a vibrant tribute to Gilles Vigneault through some arrangements by Bishop Claude Thompson. To see the memories of this event:


Sixty Canadian Singers Participate at the 42nd International Congress in Barcelona

Pueri Cantores Canada went on to represent our country at the 42nd International Pueri Cantores Conference in Barcelona, ​​Spain, last July.   About sixty choristers, including 50 children, first traveled through a few cities in southern Spain. In Toledo, they sang a mass at the cathedral where the Prima of Spain welcomed them, Msgr. Braulio. He said he was touched by the singing of our young people.   They then sang at the Corpus Christi Church in Madrid, a small church in a convent of cloistered sisters where they experienced an extraordinary musical experience in an exceptional acoustics of a chapel that has remained intact since the Baroque period.

The Segovia Cathedral was also an exceptional place where they could occur. The light that emanated from their interpretation and their attitude preceded the congress they were preparing to participate, whose theme was '' Your Estis Lux Mundi '', which means, '' You are the light of the world ''.   As for this fabulous congress in Barcelona, ​​they would join 3,500 other little singers. Every day, a musical performance was on the program.

For this event, the Pueri Cantores Canada choir consisted of three member choirs, including Les Petits Chanteurs de Trois-Rivières, conducted by Luc Darveau, the Loyola Choir choir conducted by Marthe Lacasse, and Les Petits Chanteurs de Beauport conducted by Louise Marie Desbiens . They have been selected as solo chorus for the gala concert.  

Singing with 3,500 other singers at the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, ​​where the light dances with stone and stained glass, where more than a hundred choirs came from 14 different countries, what an experience! How do you express this moment of extreme intensity that will last an eternity in our heart!


Louise Marie Desbiens

Pueri Cantores Canada hosts a Bordeaux choir

Celebrating 70 years of existence this year, Les Petits Chanteurs de Bordeaux will be with us this summer on their Canadian tour. Their trip will start in Laval (July 4th and 5th), to then move to Quebec City (July 6th and 7th), Ottawa (July 8th), Peterborough (July 10th and 11th), Port Hope (July 12th) ), Toronto (July 13), Kingston (July 14-15) and end in Montreal on July 16, 17 and 18.

Pueri Cantores Canada Pueri attend the 2018 International Convention


Next July, Pueri Cantores Canada will represent Canada in Barcelona, ​​Spain, at the 43rd International Pueri Cantores Convention. To do so, they will have in their active repertoire, not only Quebec songs harmonized by our founder, Mgr Claude Thompson, but also the Spanish, English, German and Latin repertoire.


As President of Pueri Cantores Canada, Louise Marie Desbiens was able to attend the 41st Pueri Cantores Congress held in Rome in 2015. It was here that she had the immense privilege close encounter with Pope Francis on December 31, 2015. A character of great simplicity and great humanity, Pope Francis addressed the thousands of little singers present, encouraging them to continue their mission of singing peace of God in the world. "Sing and walk," he told them and they chanted this slogan in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall "Sing and Walk". Upon her return, Mrs. Desbiens had the wish to give the members of Pueri Cantores Canada the experience of the international congress of Pueri Cantores planned in Spain for 2018. In order to ensure the participation of Canada, Mrs. Desbiens had the idea to reconstruct the choir of Pueri Cantores Canada, formed in 2016 to tour Toronto.


This is not the first time Canadian Pueri Cantores have participated in such an event. However, the last trips made by all the members in 2013 in Washington and in 2011 in New York, when they had been invited to join the American Pueri Cantores, clearly marked the life of the little singers. It must be said that these experiences and his shocking meeting with Pope Francis have particularly marked our president. It is with pride and enthusiasm that she and a team led by Mrs. Annie Lapointe will bring the 55 young people to Spain from July 5 to 16, 2018.

The Pueri Cantores Canada choir will first go to Madrid. By happy circumstances caused by Bishop Luc Bouchard, Bishop of Trois-Rivières and chaplain of our federation, the choir will have the chance to be received in Toledo to sing in the cathedral where will welcome Bishop Braulio Rodriguez Plaza, Primate of the church of Spain. A break in Valencia will allow them to dive in the Mediterranean before going to Barcelona to live the five days of congress of the Pueri Cantores. They will join three thousand other little singers from around the world to sing among others at a Mass in the wonderful Sagrada Familia 

Job Posting - Music Director

St. Michael's Choir School - St. Michael's Cathedral-Basilica is currently seeking a Music Director and Principal Choirmaster for his Toronto, Ontario-based facility. Interested candidates may consult the attached job description:

A first general meeting at Lac-Bouchette 

The members of the Federation of Pueri Cantores Canada gathered at the Saint-Antoine Hermitage at Lac-Bouchette for the annual general meeting at the end of the week. The meeting was embellished by the celebration of the Mass of 11am by Bishop Bouchard as well as a fraternal atmosphere in this place of exceptional pilgrimage.



The Federation of Pueri Cantores Canada finally appears on the web

With the expansion of the Pueri Cantores Canada Federation and the recruitment of Ontario choirs, and hopefully other choirs across Canada, an update of our website was required. It is with pride that we present you all the information of our beautiful organization: the latest news, upcoming events and our contact information to learn more about the Canadian Federation.

13th National Convention in Trois-Rivières

Nearly 200 singers from the Federation of Pueri Cantores Canada gathered at a national convention this weekend. For more information, click here: Nearly 200 young singers gathered in Trois-Rivières.

The Annual General Meeting of Members was held in Trois-Rivières

The last annual general meeting of the members was held October 1, 2016 at the School of the Little Singers of Trois-Rivières. It was under the sign of fraternity that this day unfolded. The members present were treated to an interesting reflection by Monsignor Luc Bouchard, chaplain of the Federation and the election of its directors.


The Federation des Pueri Cantores Canada welcome a new member choir

This is St. Michael's Choir School in Toronto. A certificate of membership was presented to them during their benefit concert held at Loyola High School with the Loyola Choir Choir in Montreal. Here is an excerpt from the greeting from our president addressed to the general manager, Mr. Handrigan.